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Humans are used to adapting to the environment and the people around us. This is about how we put on different masks depending on the different situations we find ourselves in, and how we always want confirmation from others. In other words; how we hide, and how we seek.
This is a project by my brother, Ståle Gerhardsen and myself. We did this project for two DJ's in Cloudbusting Marie Komissar and Margaret Berger. The design is done by Ståle, who currently holds the position as the art director at the advertising company Tibe T.
Styling: Aurora Elvsveen Model: Julie Mjøen Asistant: Espen Mauseth
I have always been fascinated by kids and their imagination and creativity. What fascinates me the most about them is that they don't let their drawings or paintings be influenced by rules that adults tend to be restricted by when trying to create. That's why I decided to let kids in the ages 2-6 years paint on my fashion pictures. Fashion photography has countless rules and guidelines, so I found it very interesting to see how a child's mind would transform my fashion photographs into something new and ruleless, by painting on them.
This is a poster Ståle Gerhardsen and I did together for the actor Hans Petter Nilsen and his play Mistero Buffo. The play written by Dario Fo is based on the conflict between society's rulers and the people at the bottom of the social and economic ladder. With only himself to trust Hans Petter Nilsen creates 22 different characters during his 80 minutes on the stage.
The club concept Frekk+Freidig (rude+boldy) was started by the music producer Marie Komissar. She invites different DJs to play with her every time the event is held. The design is done by Ståle Gerhardsen.
These are posters for RAW JUICE RECORDS and one of their club concept, Sidesprang (escapade), where we try to combine art with nightlife. Design is done by Ståle Gerhardsen.
Optimal Student is an Internet-based tool that provides students the opportunity to test and reflect on their drinking habits. Campuses can easily read one or more surveys to get an overview of the alcohol culture among students. These are pictures the costumer use to illustrate different areas of being a student.

Amanda Kvande Gerhardsen
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